Le 9 Mars 2015, New Work Lab assistait à un déjeuner au State Department à Washington au cours duquel John Kerry a parlé de l’importance de soutenir l’entrepreneuriat féminin

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Ce déjeuner se déroulait dans le cadre du programme 10000 Women lancé conjointement par Goldman Sachs, le US State Department et Harvard Kennedy School

29 femmes entrepreneurs du monde arabe sélectionnées pour leur impact dans le domaine de l’entrepreneuriat et leur rôle de leader, ont ainsi participé à deux semaines de formation intense sur le LEADERSHIP

Les citations fortes du discours de John Kerry : les femmes entrepreneurs jouent un rôle essentiel dans le développement économique de leur pays

  • « Empowering women pays huge dividends – not just for some countries, but for all countries, for all societies« 
  • « And the principle really could not be more direct. It’s very simple: If women are able to thrive, societies thrive. If we can empower people, if we can get those economies moving, it will become an enormous center of finance and of new energy possibilities, new agriculture possibilities, and a crosspollination between all of this, and ultimately with tourism, will make it an economic powerhouse globally« 
  • « So the bottom line is really very, very simple: No country can get ahead if it leaves half its people behind. No team can win »
  • We need to help young women in the Middle East find jobs, but we also need to help them create jobs. And that means we need to equip women with the tools that they need to be successful entrepreneurs. And we’re looking to the business community to help point the way in developing tomorrow’s engines of growth« 

Le Maroc cité deux fois dans le discours de John Kerry

  • « Each year, education for employment reaches thousands of young people across the Middle East and North Africa by helping, for example, a young Egyptian woman to learn English so that she could pursue the career of a journalist, or teaching a woman raised in the Moroccan desert the basics of computer science so that she could become the manager of a technology firm in Casablanca« 
  • « And that’s why at this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakesh, we brought together nearly 4,000 entrepreneurs and business and government leaders from all across the Middle East and North Africa. And for the first time, the summit had a day dedicated to the specific challenges and opportunities relevant to women and young entrepreneurs »

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